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We hear quite often that it’s hard to find services people are looking for in Cedar City. We want you to know that we are continually striving to learn more and bring in tools and services that meet the needs of our clients. we have many services that rival those in bigger cities but at a fraction of the cost of what you would find elsewhere. If you haven’t been to our website lately be sure to take a look around!  Many people are actually surprised at how much we really offer. We have an onsite Master Esthetician, Master Massage Therapists, and we specialize in Rehabilitative and Integrative Mind and Bodywork.

After Hours Appointments!

Some of our Therapists are able to do a limited amount of after hours appointments each week  between the hours of 5-8pm – To schedule these hours please call 435-704-1622 during regular business hours. We are not in the office Friday evenings, Saturdays, and Sundays

***Please note that an additional $15 will be added to the price for any after hours appointments. For Gift Certificate purchases please make the recipient aware that there is an additional charge for after hours.  ANY Discounts/coupons/packages are not eligible during after hours appointments.



We get asked quite a bit, what does an Esthetician do? the short answer is anything to do with skin care. Also called a Skin Therapist they do everything from waxing, extractions, assisting with Acne and solving all kinds of skin conditions on a cosmetic level, they even prescribe a skin care regimen to assist your skin to look its best!

We are super excited to announce the addition of our newest Master Esthetician!!! Elysiana Aguilar will be now joining our team. Mondays – Saturdays! We are super happy to be bringing her talent into our clinic!

Schedule any 1 hour Facial session between Monday April 22nd and May 31st for only $40!!!

Energy Healing!

Old programming sets the stage for current results, This programming is set up by emotions that have been trapped from life experiences. schedule a session to allow the body to release negative emotions and energy that are holding you back from experiencing greater happiness, and relationships. Mention this special when you have your appointment either in person or online during the month of April to receive $15 off your first 1 hour session


Plexus worldwide is growing everyday and was recently noted as one of the fastest growing companies in America! We love the benefits of balanced supplements, along with cutting edge creams and skin care regimen. take a look at the website to learn more.

 email us a request to therapy@colorcountrymassage.com 

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Massage Therapy!

Schedule a 90 min massage session between now and May 31st and pick your favorite add-on as a complimentary upgrade!

Ionic/Light Detox Footbath

This has been coming for a long time!!! We already have a light therapy package and now we are excited to announce the addition of the Ionic detox/light package!!!! You have heard us talk so much about the benefits of light as it increases circulation. Our units are FDA cleared for pain relief and injury recovery. It is impressive with the ability to increase: energy, oxygenation, alkalinity, enhance Nitric Oxide, enhance cell regeneration, and collagen production. Utilizing specialized detox frequencies we have paired this incredible tool with the Ionic detox foot bath which is geared to ionize the water in the foot bath to create a positive charge, releasing the negative toxins through the bottoms of the feet and out of the body. Our clients are feeling great and refreshed afterward, and we are excited to offer it to you at a package rate. Normally this treatment is $45 per session. Now you can buy a package series of 3 for $105

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