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October came up super fast and all of a sudden we have so many beautiful colors on the mountain! It’s also really fun to see all the sheep appearing on main street. We have ours out and luckily for us the wind has been kind and he is still right where we left him.

Seems like this time of year when the weather is changing, it’s easier to get under the weather. This is a great time to detox and cleanse the system. Come in this month for an Ionic/light Footbath Detox and upgrade your session with our Aromatherapy/Oxygen Bar free!

Our Ionic/Light Footbath detox is not your run of the mill service. When you come in we put you on our vibration plate to get the systems in the body moving. Then we have you relax in a warm footbath complete with a state of the art ionizer while we enhance your session with Light Therapy. It’s a great idea to drink water during your treatment so bottles of water are always available upon request. This month be sure to ask for the Aromatherapy/(Oxygen Bar) upgrade to further enhance your session.

This month since we are focusing on keeping ourselves detoxed and immune systems running stronger. I want to talk about our Z-Lozenge This is a wonderful blend of Zinc, Vitamin C, D3, B6, plus a proprietary blend, Royal Jelly, White willow bark and slippery Elm. This is a great one especially because it is great as a chewable or a lozenge. To assist you in keeping healthier with our Z-Lozenge, this month we are giving it a 10% discount.

Between our Lights, Aromatherapy/(Oxygen Bar), Ionic Footbath and Z-lozenges we have great options to assist your immune system to better health and well-being.

Enjoy the fall! and Stay healthy, and make your appointment right online!

Your Color Country Massage Team


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