Facial/ Massage Combos —

Schedule any of these combos back to back for a great discount.

Refresher Facial and 30 min Massage— $75

Signature Facial and 60 min Massage—$130

Signature Facial and 90 min Massage—$150

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We hear quite often that it’s hard to find services people are looking for in Cedar City. We want you to know that we are continually striving to learn more and bring in tools and services that meet the needs of our clients. we have many services that rival those in bigger cities but at a fraction of the cost of what you would find elsewhere. If you haven’t been to our website lately be sure to take a look around!  Many people are actually surprised at how much we really offer. We have an onsite Master Esthetician, Master Massage Therapists, and we specialize in Rehabilitative and Integrative Mind and Bodywork.

After Hours Appointments!

Some of our Staff  are able to do a limited amount of after hours appointments each week  between the hours of 5-8pm – To schedule these hours please call 435-704-1622 during regular business hours. We are not in the office Sundays

***Please note that an additional $15 will be added to the price for any after hours appointments. For Gift Certificate purchases please make the recipient aware that there is an additional charge for after hours.  ANY Discounts/coupons/packages are not eligible during after hours appointments.


Save the dates!

December 13th – 10-11:30 am Chakra Balancing Workshop. Come learn about the body’s energy centers and how to balance them with light

December 20th – 10-11:30 am Intro to Muscle Testing workshop. learn how to tap into the body system to find imbalances and even trapped emotions

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Infuse your skin to ultimate hydration with our unique oxygen Facial utilizing our one of a kind Youth Serum for younger, and healthier looking skin.

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Energy Healing!

Experience a relaxing session just for your energy centers. Using our one of a kind Light chakra wand allow our experienced light specialist to balance each of your chakra energy centers for balance and harmony. introductory rate this month $45


Plexus has done it again with our new collagen drink! Improve your skin inside and out with Joyome collagen and skin care regimen

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Massage Therapy!

Craniosacral $10 off!!!  Done fully clothed, come in comfortable clothing such as jogging pants (no spandex or heavy belts please) It involves a series of very light holds utilizing the Cerebral spinal system to release tension, pain and in some cases emotional trauma for overall whole body Health of Mind, Spirit and Body. Energy Coaching may be included in session.

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