Touch for Health Kinesiology

Kinesiology is the study of movement. Applied Kinesiology happens when we test the muscles for locking and unlocking to assess what happening in the body to prevent proper function in certain areas. we can also use muscle testing to assess trapped emotions, which by the way can put a damper on the meridians which in turn decrease the energy flow through the system creating other symptoms, such as tight muscles, stress and strain. freeing up the energy flow through meridian alignment, emotion stress release, and mindset management assist the whole body to better performance.

The “wheel” shows 14 muscles and their relative meridians they are connected with. when we do the motions of each muscle in order we call it the muscle dance.
This is an example of how the energy flows through the body. in Traditional Chinese medicine we call these channels the energy flows through meridians. I look at it like the electrical system of your house. we have a nervous system which is our electrical system and we have to have conduits like meridians for the energy to pass through. of course along the way we need breaker boxes like Chakras to keep the power turned on at full optimum in the various systems
Normally we concentrate on the 7 main energy centers that resonate up the midline of the body. in reality every joint in your body has an energy system. I believe the current known number is 150 of these centers. an interesting side point is that each of these as correlate back to each of the main energy points. when these energy centers are out of balance we see symptoms such as throat congestion in the throat chakra, sexual imbalance in the sacral chakra headaches and even a lack of mental clarity when you get into the third eye and crown chakras. just to name a few places. Applied Kinesiology allows us to tap into not just the meridian system, but all energetic systems in body to promote energetic balance.
Touch for health Kinesiology utilizes all the energy systems including the 5 element chart which is very useful in our wholistic approach to connecting the spirit, Mind and body aligning elemental deficiencies can greatly improve balance between the systems.
Touch for Health was created by Dr. John Thie in the early 70s and is based on the opposing muscle theory instigated by Dr. John Goodheart. they found that pain was usually resonating from an opposing muscle that wasn’t firing properly with the energy system causing the painful muscle to work harder to compensate. This system has been used for more than 30 years to promote health and well-being in the body systems.

We have 2 types of assessment sessions available. The first takes almost an hour. we do a basic 14 muscle, goal based, balance, assessing your before and after comfort/discomfort levels. This is great and usually the client finds relief from most problem areas associated with the indicated concern. The other session we do takes close to an hour and a half; and we do a more comprehensive assessment including either a 14 or 42 muscle balance. In this session we go deeper where we look at the different systems involved, balancing with the priority systems for that session. This session may include recommendations for you to discuss with your health care provider.

Each session offered is available either remote or in person. make sure when you schedule to specify if you want a remote session so we can adjust for that type.

Please note that we are not doctors or mental health professionals, this type of work is for the purpose of clearing and aligning the energy systems which has the potential for mental or physical stress relief.