TMJ Relief – 

Neuromuscular treatments are known for  affecting more than just the one painful spot. The TMJ is surrounded and affected by a number of muscles in the neck, shoulders and clavicle not to mention the muscles around the jaw itself. This 30 min treatment relieves all kinds of tension in the head neck shoulders and jaw in only a 30 min setting.

 Medical Massage—

Focused deep tissue manual therapy treatment performed by the first Certified Medical Massage Practitioner in Southern Utah.  Done in one or more of 4 areas of the body, most sessions last approx. 30 min and is billed per unit of 15 min increments of $40 ea. Can only be billed  auto accidents, slip and fall and workers comp, prescription from MD or DC required.


Using negative pressure has never been so relaxing and effective! Come in for a full body cupping session ~ available in a 60 or 90 min session 

Body Sculpting Contourssage – 

We utilize cupping tools along with specialty contouring and lifting techniques to reduce cellulite, inches and promote proper flow of the lymphatics – Pick the area of your body you want to work on or schedule a few sessions at the same time for more areas and enjoy a 20% discount for each area selected. Ask us about packages for even better results and discounts!

Choose from:

Area A which includes: Neck, head and shoulders
Area B Which includes: Upper abdomen, back decollette, and arms
Area C Which includes – Hips, thighs, buttocks and lower abdomen

Natural Lift Cupping Facial – 

Utilizing jojoba, a unique blend of essential oils, and specialized techniques, this cupping treatment won’t leave any marks, but will ease tension, increase lymph flow and provide a natural face lift. Includes the head, face, neck and shoulders.This service also includes a special Photo-Rejuvenation treatment to improve circulation, lymphatic flow, reduce inflammation and muscle tension in the face and neck.

Arthro-Light –

Lasts approx 30-45 min – we lean you back in a comfy recliner while you experience the power of light therapy on a setting designed with frequencies especially for Arthritis. While you relax and listen to music we put one hand in paraffin wax while we do specialized techniques on the other hand and then we switch hands to make sure each hand gets the same treatment. Foot treatment also available.

Hot stone Massage –

Imagine a full hour or hour and a half of relaxing heated stones working deep into every muscle to effect relaxation on a deep level. Discover the power of heat as you enjoy a Hot Stone Massage – available for just $15 more than the cost of a regular massage.
Deep down we all want the same things, deep connection with family, Reaching our goals, financial freedom to feel empowered, and to let go of past disappointments. An EC Appointment is designed to help you uncover and discover within yourself what trapped emotions may be holding you back and how to move ahead in your life, relationships and even finances. Experience the magic of retraining your brain and it’s functions to get the results  you have been hoping for.  
“The path to health and well-being, of Spirit, Mind, and Body, begins with a single step.” —- Jennifer Asay
Light Therapy is becoming more popular among medical professionals and is even being used in hospitals. Enjoy a session with the same quality of lights used in many medical facilities (Lasting approx. 30 min) with the lights and see how much they can benefit you! We have many settings to address a wide range of different things you may be experiencing within your body. Sessions start at $40 ask about our package options or add on price when you schedule a massage.

Call 435-704-1622 to make an appointment or schedule online here! All Sessions are by appointment, walk ins welcome and subject to availability  –  Appointments location is: 2202 N. Main Suite #103, Cedar City, UT – Payment is expected at time of service, we accept credit cards, cash and local checks. 

We reserve the right to charge $25 for missed appointments