Spa Favorites

Massage Facials, Wraps, Paraffin dips,
for Ultimate Relaxation, Hydration, Detoxification,
Joint Relief and so much more!

Massage Facials

Massage Facials are an amazing way to relax, and rest all the muscles in the face as well as provide better flow to the lymphatics. Massage Facials do not utilize special tools and treatments such as you would find in an Esthetics room such as extractions, steamers etc… Massage facials can be effective in rejuvenating the skin and relaxing the facial muscles as well as a side bonus on some to provide a natural face lift. They are a great addition to any massage session.

All Massage Facials approximately 1 hr

Hot Stone Massage Facial – specialized serum for your delicate face massaged with small hot stones. and finished off with Photo Rejuvenation $85

*Natural Lift Massage Cupping  Facial + Photo Rejuvenation – $100/ 1hr session.  Utilizing jojoba, a unique blend of essential oils, and specialized techniques, this Massage cupping treatment won’t leave any marks, but will ease tension, increase lymph flow and provide a natural face lift. This service also includes a special Photo-Rejuvenation treatment to improve circulation, lymphatic flow, reduce inflammation and muscle tension in the face and neck.

Wraps and Exfoliation

Simple Mud wrap – Begin with all natural spa quality mud and relax while you are wrapped in comfort. This treatment leaves your skin soft, refreshed and even has detoxifying properties finished off with all natural light massage with Jojoba or olive oil – approx 1/2 hr – $85

Sea Salt exfoliation glow – using all natural Dead Sea Salt, and your choice of essential oils, awaken and revive your skin while shedding off the old layers, finished off with a light massage of all Natural Jojoba or olive oil – approx 1/2 hr $75

*Mud, Salt, Lymph*—Enjoy the best of all the worlds of wraps, Exfoliation, Detox, and Lymph Drainage. We begin with a salt exfoliation treatment followed by a mud wrap. Relax while you enjoy a scalp massage and lymph drainage facial. The mud and salt is then removed with warm towels and followed by a full body Lymph Drainage Session with detoxifying Harmonic Light Therapy for ultimate relaxation and detoxification. Approx 90 min $145

Sweet indulgence—Enjoy a relaxing foot soak while your Hands indulge in a paraffin treatment and you enjoy a relaxing scalp massage. Then lean back for a 30 min reflexology/foot scrub treatment to refresh and rejuvenate your feet, all done in a zero gravity or comfortable reclining chair— approx 1 hr—$110

*Spa -Oh so Heavenly! Body Wrap – Begin with an oh so sweet sugar scrub then Immerse yourself in a luxury hydrating body wrap while enjoying the warmth on a bed of wonderful amethyst, Jade and tourmaline crystals while we let Harmonic Light flow through your system via our one of a kind eye mask either on the eyes or head, followed by a Relaxing 90 min full body massage approx 2 hours $175

Inner Peace— Treat yourself to a Natural Lift Cupping Facial while receiving a peace balancing Baltic mud wrap Top it off  with Photo Therapy and a 30 min CranioSacral session. approx. 1 1/2 hr—$149

Deep Sea Detox—Stimulate and soften skin with therapeutic salts from the Dead Sea, improve texture with Black Baltic Body Mud containing organic fresh water silts. A massage with light, silky, botanical filled Herbal Select Massage Creme leaves skin feeling smooth and intensely moisturized. approx. 1 hr—$125

*Pampered Perfection— Indulge with a relaxing Ionic foot soak followed with a salt glow exfoliation scrub, rest in Black Baltic mud body wrap while you enjoy a rejuvenating Natural Lift Cupping Facial, Top it all off with a 90 min full body Hot stone Massage, approx 2 1/2 hours –  $225

*Client Favorite

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