Medical Massage

Medical Massage involves specialized techniques to effect rehabilitation to the injured or problem site. These techniques are critical to decreasing pain and dysfunction. my mentor always says you have to prepare the structure for function which is why the massage integration is so crucial.

The outcome of the work we do as Medical Massage Therapists is really and truly outcome based rehabilitation therapy. No it won’t take only one session, but we formulate a series of treatments based on the problem area and work to restore range of motion, stability, and function of the problem area associated with the condition as prescribed by a doctor, chiropractor, or physical therapist.

Unlike the standard massage we work very closely with other health professionals to create the right balance of care to get the patient functioning at an optimum level according to their abilities.

Performed with the intent to improve conditions that have been diagnosed by a physician, I use Medical Massage most when doing insurance work such as personal injuries, slip and fall, auto injuries, workers comp etc… Medical Massage may also be done at any time on a cash basis. Ask for more details.

The best part of this modality is that it is COVERED!!! Many insurance plans leave Massage Therapy out of the coverage, but Blue Cross/Blue Shield, PIP, HMO, Slip and fall, Auto Injuries, On the job accidents covered by Workers Comp is all covered with a prescription and prior approval from the insurance company. As with all types of Massage Therapy, HSA will cover the cost.

There are some Massage Therapists will bill out insurance for Auto Accidents,  but Certified Medical Massage Practitioners are hard to find especially in the Southern Utah area. I work with your doctor to provide the best care and utilize specialized techniques to actually rehabilitate your injuries.

Talk to your Medical Doctor, Chiropractor, or Nature-pathic Doctor and ask them for a prescription to help you get feeling better faster from your injuries.

I only need a few of items from you to make it all happen so when you call have ready:

1. Insurance company name and phone number
2. Claim #
3. Adjuster Name
4. Name of person handling your claim
5. Date of accident

Please allow 24 hrs before appt

Ask me for a specialized prescription pad to take to your doctor for his/her referral

(Medical Massage is available only from a qualified Therapist)


If you or your doctor has questions, please don’t hesitate to call – 435-704-1622

You can find me under Cedar City on this exclusive Medical Massage Practitioner listing


Call 435-704-1622 to make an appointment or schedule online here! All Sessions are by appointment, walk ins welcome and subject to availability  –  Appointments location is: 2202 N. Main Suite #103, Cedar City, UT – Payment is expected at time of service, we accept credit cards, cash and local checks. 

We reserve the right to charge $25 for missed appointments