Massage Services

Custom Massage

With our customized therapy we go a little deeper, always within your comfort level  and focus on where the problem areas are. We utilize experience and specialized techniques to get results without added cost. Your Massage is custom fit to your individual needs.

  • 30 min Massage Sessions From $45
  • 60 min Massage Sessions From $85
  • 90 min Massage Sessions From $110
  • 120 min Massage Sessions From $140

Prices may vary depending on Therapist available

All massage sessions can be purchased individually or as a 3-session package. Visit our Package Deals for more information.

Specialized techniques to address problem areas to rehabilitate issues sometimes as diagnosed by a doctor. Appointments start in increments of  15 min.

Prenatal Massage

Every Expecting Mother needs a massage! Mom’s can get stiff and sore very easily and massage works wonders not only for the aches and pains but for the critical emotional well-being too. Many mom’s report that after having regular massages throughout pregnancy they discover the birth to be easier and much more relaxed in nature. Come in and experience the ability to lay face down on our specialized pregnancy bolster which allows for a more comfortable Massage. 
There are many great benefits to Prenatal Massage including:
  • Relief of muscle tension and joint pain
  • Leg cramp relief
  • Reduces edema
  • Eases Sciatic pain
  • Relieves Stress and anxiety
  • Improves mood
  • Eases Headache pain
  • Boosts immune system for mom and baby
  • Promotes relaxation and better sleep
  • Improves circulation and assists the lymphatic system
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Assists in balancing hormones which are essential for labor and breastfeeding
Ask about discounts we offer through your Midwife or Doctor!  If yours are not on our list, be sure to talk to them to get them added!
Massage times and prices are similar to that of custom massages.
Remember to make sure to get your  post-natal massages as well!

Other Specialty Massages

TMJ Relief – A specialized 30 min session to relieve pain and tension in the jaw, neck and head.—$45

Lymphatic Drainage  – Great for sinus congestion and edema available in a 60  to 90 min session  – Starting at $85

Craniosacral—Fully clothed modality with a series of light holds that work directly with the cerebral spinal fluid system. Can also be included in a regular Massage session. This therapy is available in 60 to 120 min session. Prices starting at $85

Hot Stone Massage –  Using water-heated stones promotes a deeper relaxation to the muscles and releases tension. Using this modality allows  us to reach deeper layers of muscles to  ease stiffness and relax the body.  Available in 60 to 90 min sessions, starting at $100

Natural Lift Cupping  Massage  Facial—Utilizing jojoba, a unique blend of essential oils, and specialized techniques, this cupping treatment won’t leave any marks, but will ease tension, increase lymph flow and provide a natural face lift. Includes the head, face, neck and shoulders.  For a 35 min session, you pay $75. Add photo rejuvenation, the session will be approximately 60 min, for $100

(Visit out Body sculpting page for more information)

Call 435-704-1622 to make an appointment or schedule online here! 
All Sessions are by appointment. Walk-ins are welcome, but subject to availability.  
Appointments location is: 2202 N. Main Suite #103, Cedar City, UT 

Payment is expected at time of service. Credit/debit cards, cash and local checks accepted.
We reserve the right to charge $25 for missed appointments