Massage/Facial Packages

Massage Packages

Platinum—3—90 min visits – $270
Gold—3—60 min visits – $180
Silver—3—30 min visits – $115
Arthro-Light—3—Arthro-light visits— $180

Aesthetics Facial Packages

60 min Signature or Illuminating Facial sessions – series of 3 – $180

75 Min Anti-Aging Facial – Series of 3 – $210

Intended for use for one person only please. For best results use within 3 months of purchase. 

Facial/ Massage Combos —

Schedule any of these combos back to back for a great discount.

Refresher Facial and 30 min Massage— $75

Signature Facial and 60 min Massage—$130

Signature Facial and 90 min Massage—$150

Light Therapy Packages—

5  sessions for $100 Use within one month for best results

 Ultimate Unlimited—unlimited sessions during  the month for only $300/month.

Schedule your appointment and stop in when you have about a half hour to just relax under our harmonic focused light therapy

Ionic/Light Foot Detox – Harmonic Light plus Ionic Foot bath detox

5 sessions – $100 – Use within one month for best results

Ultimate Unlimited – $300 – unlimited sessions during a one month period

Light Therapy packages and Ionic/light foot detox packages are interchangeable

Natural Lift Cupping Facial —Utilizing jojoba, a unique blend of essential oils, and specialized techniques, this cupping treatment won’t leave any marks, but will ease tension, increase lymph flow and provide a natural face lift. This service also includes a special Photo-Rejuvenation therapy treatment to improve collagen, decrease the signs of aging.

Series of 3—$225

Energy Coaching Packages

1 hr session—Series of 3—$180 – Series of 5 – $300 – Series of 10 – $600.

All 1 hour sessions include a targeted Light Therapy session to enhance your results

Call 435-704-1622 to make an appointment or schedule online here! All Sessions are by appointment, walk ins welcome and subject to availability  –  Appointments location is: 2202 N. Main Suite #103, Cedar City, UT – Payment is expected at time of service, we accept credit cards, cash and local checks.