When you just want a therapeutic massage
The way you want it

20 min Massage -Revitalize  your muscles, tendons and fascia, with this 20 min fully clothed massage. you can come in on your lunch hour and get the torso, neck and head worked.
30 min Massage – Refresh yourself either on the chair or the table with a 30 minute mini massage.  Perfect for a quick Swedish or to loosen up that one critical spot, really great for the neck and shoulders, low back, or TMJ work
Custom Massage ~ No FU FU Massage done here! With our unique customized therapy we go a little deeper according to your comfort level and focus on where the problem areas are. Your Massage is a custom fit to your individual needs available in a 60 min, 90 min (most popular) or 120 min
Craniosacral—You will be surprised how relaxing a craniosacral session can be, available in a 50 min or 90 min Craniosacral is done fully clothed with a series of light holds that work directly with the cerebral spinal fluid system, very effective for migraines, other types of headaches, TMJ and releasing pain in various parts of the body
Lymph Drainage— This very light modality is designed to assist the lymph system to free up the flow and drain the various points to help you feel better, great for sinus congestion and edema available in a 50 or 90 min session 
Pre-Natal—Every Expecting Mother needs a massage! Mom’s can get stiff and sore very easily and massage works wonders not only for the aches and pains but for the critical emotional well-being too. Many mom’s report that after having regular massages throughout pregnancy they discover the birth to be easier and much more relaxed in nature. Available in a 50 or 90 min session

Facial/ Massage Combos

Schedule any of these combos back to back for a great discount.

Refresher Facial and 30 min Massage— $75

Signature Facial and 60 min Massage—$130

Signature Facial and 90 min Massage—$150

Light Therapy – Light Therapy is becoming more popular among medical professionals and is even being used in hospitals. Enjoy a session with the same quality of lights used in many medical facilities (Lasting approx. 30 min) with the lights and see how much they can benefit you! We have many settings to address a wide range of different things you may be experiencing within your body. Ask us about natural Body contouring!
Prices may differ for evening and Saturday appointments —As with all Massages draping is always used, and minors must have a parent in attendance. For who need accessibility please send us a note and we will accommodate based on availability

Call 435-704-1622 to make an appointment or schedule online here! All Sessions are by appointment, walk ins welcome and subject to availability  –  Appointments location is: 2202 N. Main Suite #103, Cedar City, UT – Payment is expected at time of service, we accept credit cards, cash and local checks.