Energy Release Coaching

Improve what is happening on the inside to improve your results on the outside
Work with a Mentor, Massage Therapist, Energy Healer Coach
Must be 18 or older

During this time of uncertainty it is important to find connection not just to other people but also to yourself. This is a big thing lacking in the world today is inner connection. Through the cares of life and the stresses we encounter and especially the stresses of the unknown we are facing in the world today, we store in every part of our body emotions that can actually create a dysfunction in the physical structure. As a massage therapist I see this all the time. as we let go of these trapped emotions and limiting beliefs I have watched in real time muscles relax and pain and inflammation decrease in the tissue structure. 

we have learned through science that energy is all around us Light is also energy, everything exists because of frequency, vibration and energy. At least that is what my  9th grade science teacher explained to us. This is very powerful as a tool that allows human beings to connect with each other even over long distances. I’m sure you have felt the worry and stress of your loved ones in other parts of our country, just as we have felt the worry and stress of our human family in other parts of the world during this crisis. 

Utilizing this phenomenon of energy exchange we can help each other through energy work. and during this time of social distancing we can do this work via telephone or zoom

There are 4  types of this work I offer via distance, but before we get to far, I want to make it clear that I am not a mental health professional or a doctor. I do not prescribe, diagnose or treat mental or physical health issues. for those things please visit your appropriate professional. What I do is simply provide an avenue for the body to potentially release trapped emotions and offer tools to relax and reconnect with your body. 

Remote Light Session –

Light has been studied to show effects of reducing pain and inflammation as well as relaxing the client. How does it work? Set aside 30 min to experience the power of intentional frequency when I place your requests on the light therapy pads and set an intention with a matched setting choosing one from 99 setting choices. during your session you will be invited to find a quiet place where you can relax away from noise and distractions. I will text you at your appointment time to determine your session needs. Once your session is over then I will text you again to let you know. Then I will have you fill out a short form for feedback During this time of health concerns we can also do an intentional energy clearing session for your house. Payment is also super easy as you get to pay right here through this program when you schedule


Virtual Energy Release Coaching

Personal shifting, and releasing of trapped emotions can reduce pain and even inflammation. I have personally experienced this myself! using your permission with muscle testing we can search and potentially find trapped emotions via phone or zoom. This type of session also includes light Therapy running the duration of the session on your behalf. As a trained life coach, these types of sessions also include tools and homework to assist you in your personal goals to improve personal vibration, and release tension and stress. This type of session is best when utilized in a series of 3 and can be done either virtual via zoom or phone or proxy (after I complete your session I send you the notes)

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Still Point Healing

You may have heard of Reiki or crystal healing, quantum healing, or other types of energy healing. My training in Massage Therapy, and Craniosacral, along with my understanding of the energetic body systems and because energy is all around us, there is the potential to tune into your energy systems to work distantly with the energy systems of the body to affect profound and deep relaxation. This Craniosacral style of distance energy work has the potential to restore balance, release emotional stress and in many cases physical discomfort. When your appointment time arrives I will call you and do a brief intake of your physical/emotional you may need relief with. Make sure you are in a quiet and comfortable location where you can relax and restore. During the session your phone will be close to you on speaker. When the session is finished I will let you know and end the call. You then are invited to stay in your meditative state as long as you need. Then text me for assessment. (Included in session price)

Remote Chakra Balancing

The healing power of Light Therapy targeted to balance your energy chakras while you relax in the comfort of  your own home. done by remote session or by Proxy Discounted for a limited time

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Disclaimer: Jennifer is not a doctor or mental health professional and always suggests you talk to your doctor before beginning any change in diet, supplements or exercise.

Experience the magic of retraining your brain and its functions – to get the results you have been hoping for. In order to have a better life it’s critical to change your behavior, manage your mind, and mental programming. Past experiences and behaviors give you the results you experience every day. In order for results to change on the outside the inside must change.  I will help you learn techniques for goal getting, and releasing trapped energy. Discover the behaviors and trapped emotional baggage in your life that are not supporting the actions to assist you in realizing your dreams, changing negative patterns in relationships and finally doing what is necessary to get the results you deserve. The past is behind you the future hasn’t been realized yet, Today is a gift. Take the steps starting TODAY and gain the skills you need to get the results you want.

Sessions available in 30 min increments


Jennifer Asay has been helping me with several different emotional energy techniques. She was just learning them when I saw her, but I have done energy work before and she did an amazing job like some others I had been to (in Provo). I felt like we made some big progress in a short amount of time. She was very sweet and patient, and very insightful. I will continue to work with her with more energy work.
——————–Julie Jordan – Cedar City, UT
Jennifer was recommended after an accident with little results from previous treatment Her massage therapy was very successful in returning full use of my body  During our sessions Jennifer and I talked of a negative energy that was having a very negative effect on me very month from the 19-25  Jennifer talked of a procedure to help release negative energy  What an experience !!
Comfortable quiet dim room laying on stimulation lights she asked questions and I answered honestly from my heart
At the end of session with her last words I could feel and see a dark sludge flowing out of my body. It was like a miracle !! Freedom from a negative energy that had affected me for 12 years Its been a year and what a difference !! Jennifer is a blessing to me and to all that have the pleasure of her services  ❤️☮️
————————–Charlene Lively – Cedar City, UT
Right after we closed our session, I got off my bed to walk, and I always have to move slowly because my knees hurt so bad, but when I stood up from the bed, there was hardly any pain, and without thinking, I just started walking at a normal pace, didn’t even feel any of the usual pain. I think that is completely amazing.

Thank you so much for the session.
—————————-Brenda C. – Santa Clara, UT
(Remote Light Energy Session)
Take the next step and join Jennifer, – Mom, Mentor, Massage Therapist, Energy Practitioner – on an incredible journey to awakening your true self and finding answers.