Medical Massage vs…

Those who don’t know, don’t know what they don’t know. As a Massage Therapist, I can tell you, I don’t know everything. I know about a lot of modalities, but there are some that I haven’t even heard of.  There are Massage Therapists who heard the term Medical Massage and they think to themselves, well, all massage is medical in nature.

This is true to a point, but it isn’t all the way true.  It’s true that there is power in touch and intention. It’s true that the benefits of standard massage include, increased circulation, decreased stress, people tend to sleep better, there’s a reduction in anxiety, helps with headaches, fibromyalgia, and much more! With this small list alone you can see where the idea that all massage is medical comes from. Then there’s the therapist who says well, medical massage is targeted therapy. In a sense this is true as well. Then we have to ask, what specific techniques are you using for your targeted treatment? Are you using a series of specific techniques designed for the area you are focusing on? More often than not these particular therapists are just using the standard 5 swedish strokes and hoping it releases the problem area temporarily.

It is human nature to be skeptic of those things we haven’t done the research or gotten the training to do. I had a  young man tell me to stay away from wordpress. since then he went on to learn more about wordpress and now loves it and suggests I use it also. We tend to not just shy away from things we don’t understand, but we tend to become antagonistic towards them. One might even say Judgemental.

Some may even say, well deep tissue does the same thing. To this I would say more information is needed for that assumption.

Deep tissue massage is very similar to swedish in nature except that there is more focus on a particular area. Some of my clients have told me that they have had deep tissue so aggressive that they wondered if the therapist would rub a hole into their tissue. 😉 of course nothing like that would really happen it may feel like at times though.

Deep Tissue is geared towards stripping the muscle,  and fascia to break up adhesions, and when you break up adhesions you do regain better range of motion. I have to wonder, however, when you strip a muscle such as they do in bodybuilding it creates more scar tissue, so it stands to reason to me that while you may be breaking up adhesions are there more being created? Some may agree, some may not, and some of it also depends on the needs of the client how aggressive the treatment needs to be.

So, what really is Medical Massage? I know I didn’t invest a lot of time and money, just so I could make glamorous claims in my profession and still only do what a new graduate does.  Medical Massage has a few different purposes. the first is that we work with a doctor’s prescription in certain cases such as a car accidents, slip and fall, physical therapy and in some states where Massage Therapists can bill regular insurance, care associated with their doctor or physical therapy visits.

Medical Massage involves specialized techniques to effect rehabilitation to the injured or problem site. These techniques are critical to decreasing pain and dysfunction. my mentor always says you have to prepare the structure for function which is why the massage integration is so crucial.

The outcome of the work we do as Medical Massage Therapists is really and truly outcome based rehabilitation therapy. No it won’t take only one session, but we formulate a series of treatments based on the problem area and work to restore range of motion, stability, and function of the problem area associated with the condition as prescribed by a doctor, chiropractor, or physical therapist.

Unlike the standard massage we work very closely with other health professionals to create the right balance of care to get the patient functioning at an optimum level according to their abilities.

All in all to me Medical Massage isn’t deep tissue although it goes deep, It isn’t a fu fu massage, although it can be very relaxing, it resonates with sports massage in that there is stretching that can occur. For me and my practice it is the effective massage. There may be some discomfort, but more often than not it is very relaxing. Unlike the light swedish, there may be some client participation required such as resisting against applied pressure in a stretch.

As Medical Massage Therapists we take what we do very seriously and we see amazing results from our clients. We take invest a significant amount of money and many additional hours and years of education beyond Massage school to learn these specialized techniques to be able to give the most effective treatment for our clientele.

Massage Facials

Did you know that your massage therapist can do facials? While we don’t get deep into the skin conditions and extractions, and prescribing a skin care regimen like our fabulous estheticians; Massage facials deal mostly with relaxing the facial muscles, allowing the TMJ to rest and restore. We also do particular techniques that allow the face to rejuvenate and decrease fine lines and wrinkles. All as a manual therapy.

It’s not uncommon for a Massage Therapist to use a highly effective cream during the facial to allow the skin to absorb the nutrients. In our Massage Spa we have a specialized unit called a facial rejuvenator mask. Once the Facial Massage is finished we  put our favorite Joyome Facial cream on the skin and place our Facial Rejuvenator mask over the face to allow the red and infrared light to reach deep into the dermis for ultimate relaxation and allow for the body to heal on a very deep level.

Detoxify to better health

Summer is upon us and for some the idea of swimsuit season isn’t quite appealing; There is good news! There are things available to help you keep going and improving each day all year long! One of those items is a detoxifying  Body Wrap. I remember back in the day when I wasn’t so well-versed with Massage Modalities, I believed that wraps were something only rich people did at a highly expensive spa in highly sought after resort.  Yes I really did believe that those things were only available at exclusive places.

The good news is that I was wrong!!! Body Wraps are one of the most effective types of hydrotherapy out there. Hydro therapy simply meaning done with water. So how does this work and why is it a good idea?

Body Wraps are done either in a wet room or a regular Massage room. The biggest difference is how clean up is done. We will get to that part in a minute.

When you walk into my massage room there is a table and on it layers of sheets, plastic, blankets, etc.. topped off with a bath sheet towel. I instruct you to undress and cover with the Bath sheet. This is an unusually large towel and has a nice thickness to keep you modest at all times.

I offer several different types of Body Wraps but for this example I will explain the process of the detox wrap.

I begin with Salt. This isn’t ordinary table salt. It is Salt derived from the dead sea filled with minerals this is spread on the arms, decolletes, legs, neck and pecks, then I drape and we also do the tummy, all the while keeping you covered and modest.  Next I use a special type of Mud carefully applying as before with the salt.

After you are all ready then we wrap you up like a mummy cover with an electric blanket and let you rest and sweat for about 20 -30 min.

So how does it all come off? the mud and the salt? If you are in a wet room the therapist would come in and after removing the plastic sheets sprays it all off, all the while keeping you covered and modest.

In a dry room, such as the type I use, I use warm wet towels to clean off the mud and salt. After all is said and done, keeping you draped, we remove the muddy salty towels and sheets and put you under clean sheets for a nice Massage, lymphatic drainage session or Lypossage Session, normally done with essential oils and all natural olive oil or coconut oil.

Why is this a good idea when you are detoxing? In and of itself water and warmth releases toxins in the body to be taken out by the lymphatic system. adding salt and mud these two items draw out the toxins and allow the body to sweat in a healthy and natural way.

In addition to releasing toxins we see some great benefits one of which is the skin. The exfoliation of a Body Wraps leave the skin wonderfully smooth and silky. while allowing the moisture to penetrate deep into the epidermis for an excellent moisturizing effect.  Body wraps are also great to reduce cellulite and improve weight reduction. Body Wraps are amazing for ultimate relaxation. While your body detoxifies and soaks up all the goodness it is very relaxing. Relaxation is key to healing and allowing the body to re-set.

Be sure to put Body Wrap on your list of To-Do’s when visiting your Massage Therapist.

Experience, Education= Integrative whole body wellness therapy

You may have noticed that we tend to add more to our sessions than most therapists. We believe in giving our best work into every session and utilizing the tools we have without reservation. Recently we adjusted our prices to reflect the many hours of education, experience and work we do without having financial surprises at the end of your session while still remaining competitive. Most places offer a massage, and it leaves many wondering what happened lol, we have had clients call it the fu fu massage.

When I was in Massage School we would have people want deep tissue and they would tell us to go “deeper than normal”… I learned that deep tissue wasn’t all it was cracked up to be and not only was what they taught us hard on our clients, but also hard on ourselves. After school I learned more effective ways to get into the tissue without all the stress to the body. I have a belief that it’s better to work with the body instead of against it. I also was uncomfortable in asking the client if they wanted to pay more for better work, the use of essential oils, perhaps a stone or 2, I have found that most places will charge more for even a hot towel. I have also seen some places charge what looks like a competitive rate, but when you look closer you get shorted on the length of the session compared to other competitors.

When we have people come into our Spa we want you to know the cost up front, we want to offer the tools and techniques we have learned without charging you extra for it. Oh we still have some great add-ons you can choose to add onto your massage during your time, like a Natural lift Cupping Facial or a Full body Hot Stone Massage. We even have some treatments you can add on before your Massage like a focused Harmonic Light Session or a Mud Wrap or Exfoliation treatment at a great discount.

One of the great things we offer that is exclusive to Color Country Massage is our Harmonic Light Therapy. Many of our clients love to schedule a focused Light Session before their Massage at a great discount, and in addition to that we continue with providing spot treatments of Light Therapy to improve and enhance every Massage you receive at Color Country Massage.  As we add to integrate better health care to our services be assured that while new choices may be made available there will always be communication instead of surprises.

If you are looking for expert, integrative care look no further than Color Country Massage and our team of experts

Light up your life

We are beings of Light and as such we also heal amazingly with light. If you’ve ever heard of S.A.D a seasonal Affective Disorder that creates depression, or have seen a new baby put under lights because of jaundice, or even looked into photo rejuvenation you have already seen Light Therapy at work.

Everything on the planet vibrates. If it did not it would not exist. This is something I learned a long time ago in my high school science class. Today scientists are proving this more and more and teaching that not only does everything vibrate, but it does so at different rhythms. As Human beings we are designed to interact with light energy directly and easily. We actually emit more than 100,000 light impulses or photons per second!

Our Pineal gland in the back side of the 3rd ventricle is what synchronizes us with our natural world. This is one of the master glands controlling our sleep cycles, mood, hormones, intuition, memory and creativity.

The problem comes in with all the aggressive types of energy we are bombarded with everyday. These can include electronics, such as cell phones, X-rays, WiFi, Etc… it also includes toxins we get exposed to, low vibrational light, music and even our thinking. UV exposure, pollution, and even our disconnect with nature and natural light affects our ability to raise our light and vibration levels.

So how does putting lights on the body help bring the body back into balance? Light energy creates an optimal environment to support the body’s natural ability to heal, regenerate and thrive! The wavelengths of red, blue and near infrared light have been  researched for safety and for your overall health. They have also been used for over 40 years effectively in medicine.

Light enhances energy, oxygen, PH, circulation, inflammation, and pain, it also aids in regeneration. Light Therapy is great for enhancing Nitric Oxide in the body which is so important in the body and aids with keeping blood vessels healthy and flowing properly it helps increase lymphatic activity, kills bacteria, stimulates collagen, decreases pain, increases oxygen, protects against GI ulcers, alzheimers, early stages of atherosclerosis, prevents vascular complications of diabetes, improves heart function, stimulates HGH, improves immune system function, improves cardiovascular activity. This Nitric Oxide does so much more! I could list on for a while!

“I have come to see Nitric Oxide as the physical expression of Prana – your life force. It is the “Wow” molecule that continually resets our ability to connect body, mind, heart, and spirit. To activate this, we need to care for ourselves with plenty of sleep, exercise, life-giving foods, letting go of resentment, and opening up to affirmation and love.”

{Christiane Northrup, M.D.}

With how much this is responsible for it’s easy to see how important it is to have in healthy amounts in the body, which is all helped to produce by Light therapy.

We have seen some amazing results from Light therapy including, a reduction in pain, brain injuries reversed, ADD/ADHD helped, collagen stimulated, even inches decreased in body fat as a result of Light Therapy. Light energizes cell membranes so that nutrients can better nourish cells and help them thrive and toxins can be eliminated

One of the first people I used my Light Therapy Unit on was my 19 year old Son. We went to a 3 day class and at the end of the first day he was wheezing and coughing. Partly from his asthma and partly from the air quality and germs we had been exposed to that day. We put him on the lights and the coughing and wheezing immediately stopped. After his session he had a small amount of wheezing, but the coughing was gone. He reported that he slept really well that night and the rest of the weekend I never heard him wheeze or cough again.

Another success story I have is my Brother-in-law. He crushed his heal several months ago and had to have it pieced back together. only about 2 weeks about I had my Light Therapy at my Sister’s house and we thought well, we have nothing to lose, so I put the lights on him. After the first session he said the pain had decreased quite a bit. The next day we did another treatment and he reported that he had to push quite deep to feel the pain in his heel. Later he told me that for the next 4 nights he slept better than he had in the previous months since he had the accident. He told me usually he wakes up in a lot of pain, but his pain levels were down so low that he could sleep deeply and manage during the day, the little bit of pain he had.

I am an absolute believer!  If you are looking to have these in your home comment below and I will get you information on how to get your hands on them. I love having these Medical Grade Light Therapy Units in my Massage office to help my clients on a deeper level than with Massage Therapy alone.