online scheduling

When you click the schedule now button you should be brought to this page scrolling down a little will show you the therapists we have at Color Country Massage. On the right side of the page is a big orange button click on that button
Online scheduling

This page has a listing of all of our services when you click on one service the therapist or therapists who offer that service will come up in a box click select next to their name and picture

on the right side you will notice the treatment in the box under that are categories you can use to easily find other services – on the left you can add another service to your appointment

this box shows both therapists so you can choose one or select no preference. once you are finished selecting your services it will show up just like above with a picture of the therapist and the service then click the orange box that says choose date and time

This page shows what days are available and once you click it the time appears

Simple review page lets you know what time you have scheduled, what day and even how much to expect to pay, I love the add message option at the bottom left what a great way to send us any particulars you want us to know!

Last page is the confirmation page

That’s all there is to it! Happy scheduling!

Online scheduling