The Energetic side of CranioSacral

I guess I will just go ahead and say it. I am an energy worker! I’ve really avoided it for a while because as I look into energy work I see so many lines that are so easy to cross.

I’m a very practical individual, I look for reason, and logic in whatever I engage in. Many times people will come to me wanting me to do energy work on them and even over the phone and the first question they ask is “what modality do you use?” Well, to be honest I don’t believe I subscribe to any particular “modality” I believe there is truth in all things and if we look hard enough we can see it. There are also lines we need to be careful of, the first of all of those being to be careful of crossing the free-agency line. This is a big reason why I don’t really get into “modalities” that give suggestions of what could be an underlying issue. I find this very relevant in my Massage room that if I feel something it is not for me to interpret. I have the ability to know if the energy released was emotion, sometimes what type of emotion, I have discovered energy that was just blocked, I have felt energy that was of a healing nature. letting go nature. In all of these cases I have found that the person experiencing these things knows what is happening and it’s really none of my business unless they decide they want to tell me.

I have even had individuals tell me and then ask for my advice on the matter. It is then that I am allowed that all important intuition to share with them ideas and directions I am given to help them along in their journey.

What in the world does this have to do with CranioSacral?  First off, CranioSacral is a Modality that is not a massage. Although I often will incorporate it into a massage session, a stand alone Craniosacral session is done fully clothed and utilizes very light touch. The treatment deals with the cerebral spinal system and is often referred to as the Cranio Sacral system. There is fluid called the cerebral spinal fluid that runs from the base of the skull to the sacrum, and just like any other system in your body this one also has it’s own rhythm. By tuning into this subtle rhythm we can affect any place in the body by “listening” or tuning into the rhythm for the echo and responding to what the body needs.

So we do a series of holds, many times the client will lay there and wonder what in the world I am doing because sometimes it feels like I’m just sitting there holding a spot. Sometimes the client will be so affected by the power of the treatment that they will go into a deep sleep like state. This happens because when we sleep healing takes place and one of the things that happens is the fluid re-sets and as we work on the body using this particular system it puts the body into that deep healing state.

Here’s the secrets. While I’m “holding” a spot such as the head, elbow, and even the sacrum, I am actually  making movements so slight that they really can’t be felt. I’m also using the power of intention to tune into the body and what directions it has for me. All in all,  I’m looking for movement to the area, flow of the fluid, flow of the system and even movement in the bones themselves. I concentrate with the intention of healing but also of creating space for that healing. CranioSacral takes a bit longer than traditional pushing on the muscles, but goes very deep into the deeper layers of the muscles.

The most important thing I want you to understand about CranioSacral is that the more relaxed you are the better it works. Sometimes relaxing is the hardest work you will ever do, mainly because we live in a world where we never stop, never are allowed to truly rest. When we do find a moment to rest our mind begins to go a hundred miles a minute to take care of all the “stuff” we couldn’t find time to take care of. In the end true Relaxation becomes a difficult process.

How does this apply to energy work?  Energy is all around us, it’s in the air, in our bodies, machines, earth, plants…. when our bodies are able to rest or relax properly it moves US, or our resistant nature out of the way to allow the body to do what it needs to in order to heal properly. It’s important to gain dominion over the body, but at the same time we need to remember that we are in a partnership with our body and it has all the tools and understanding necessary to heal itself, sometimes it just needs a little help. This is where Energy modalities and CranioSacral comes in. We acknowledge the pain, we acknowledge the places on the body that need healing or unwinding, or balancing. We use the power of intention and learned techniques to affect the area. This is so powerful! I have worked on individuals where no matter what we did we just could not relax the muscle or the tendon.

We then turn to CranioSacral and as we tune into that energetic system the body guides us with the movements that are needed to assist the area of concern. We joke that it’s “magic” but in all reality that’s what it feels like. The therapist holds the area for a few minutes and suddenly it feels better. LOL sounds like an amazing way to assist the body to self-correct.

When you get an opportunity, I would invite you to learn more and try CranioSacral out for yourself and be willing to allow yourself the ability to relax on a deeper level.

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