Massage Facials

Did you know that your massage therapist can do facials? While we don’t get deep into the skin conditions and extractions, and prescribing a skin care regimen like our fabulous estheticians; Massage facials deal mostly with relaxing the facial muscles, allowing the TMJ to rest and restore. We also do particular techniques that allow the face to rejuvenate and decrease fine lines and wrinkles. All as a manual therapy.

It’s not uncommon for a Massage Therapist to use a highly effective cream during the facial to allow the skin to absorb the nutrients. In our Massage Spa we have a specialized unit called a facial rejuvenator mask. Once the Facial Massage is finished we  put our favorite Joyome Facial cream on the skin and place our Facial Rejuvenator mask over the face to allow the red and infrared light to reach deep into the dermis for ultimate relaxation and allow for the body to heal on a very deep level.

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