Massage Facials

Did you know that your massage therapist can do facials? While we don’t get deep into the skin conditions and extractions, and prescribing a skin care regimen like our fabulous Estheticians; Massage facials deal mostly with relaxing the facial muscles, allowing the TMJ to rest and restore and of course working with the lymphatic system to drain and provide balance.

Your Massage Therapist may find indications on your skin that they will bring to your attention, but taking care of those indications are something your Massage Therapist will suggest you see either and Esthetician or a medical professional such as a Dermatologist.

When you get a massage facial you get the benefits of this incredible spa treatment with hot towel packs geared to assist the body to bring blood to the surface and allow the lymphatic system to work even better. This type of treatment is referred to as hydro therapy, as we use water to heat our towels. We also utilize a variety of tools to assist the treatments with hot stones as well as cupping tools.

At Color Country Massage, we even utilize the power of harmonic light therapy to provide targeted light to assist the body to self correct and yes even on the face, neck and shoulders. Our techniques provide muscle improvement, lymphatic drainage all of which allow our clients actually see improvement in skin muscle tone and flexibility.

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