Detoxify to better health

Summer is upon us and for some the idea of swimsuit season isn’t quite appealing; There is good news! There are things available to help you keep going and improving each day all year long! One of those items is a detoxifying  Body Wrap. I remember back in the day when I wasn’t so well-versed with Massage Modalities, I believed that wraps were something only rich people did at a highly expensive spa in highly sought after resort.  Yes I really did believe that those things were only available at exclusive places.

The good news is that I was wrong!!! Body Wraps are one of the most effective types of hydrotherapy out there. Hydro therapy simply meaning done with water. So how does this work and why is it a good idea?

Body Wraps are done either in a wet room or a regular Massage room. The biggest difference is how clean up is done. We will get to that part in a minute.

When you walk into my massage room there is a table and on it layers of sheets, plastic, blankets, etc.. topped off with a bath sheet towel. I instruct you to undress and cover with the Bath sheet. This is an unusually large towel and has a nice thickness to keep you modest at all times.

I offer several different types of Body Wraps but for this example I will explain the process of the detox wrap.

I begin with Salt. This isn’t ordinary table salt. It is Salt derived from the dead sea filled with minerals this is spread on the arms, decolletes, legs, neck and pecks, then I drape and we also do the tummy, all the while keeping you covered and modest.  Next I use a special type of Mud carefully applying as before with the salt.

After you are all ready then we wrap you up like a mummy cover with an electric blanket and let you rest and sweat for about 20 -30 min.

So how does it all come off? the mud and the salt? If you are in a wet room the therapist would come in and after removing the plastic sheets sprays it all off, all the while keeping you covered and modest.

In a dry room, such as the type I use, I use warm wet towels to clean off the mud and salt. After all is said and done, keeping you draped, we remove the muddy salty towels and sheets and put you under clean sheets for a nice Massage, lymphatic drainage session or Lypossage Session, normally done with essential oils and all natural olive oil or coconut oil.

Why is this a good idea when you are detoxing? In and of itself water and warmth releases toxins in the body to be taken out by the lymphatic system. adding salt and mud these two items draw out the toxins and allow the body to sweat in a healthy and natural way.

In addition to releasing toxins we see some great benefits one of which is the skin. The exfoliation of a Body Wraps leave the skin wonderfully smooth and silky. while allowing the moisture to penetrate deep into the epidermis for an excellent moisturizing effect.  Body wraps are also great to reduce cellulite and improve weight reduction. Body Wraps are amazing for ultimate relaxation. While your body detoxifies and soaks up all the goodness it is very relaxing. Relaxation is key to healing and allowing the body to re-set.

Be sure to put Body Wrap on your list of To-Do’s when visiting your Massage Therapist.

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