Experience, Education= Integrative whole body wellness therapy

You may have noticed that we tend to add more to our sessions than most therapists. We believe in giving our best work into every session and utilizing the tools we have without reservation. Recently we adjusted our prices to reflect the many hours of education, experience and work we do without having financial surprises at the end of your session while still remaining competitive. Most places offer a massage, and it leaves many wondering what happened lol, we have had clients call it the fu fu massage.

When I was in Massage School we would have people want deep tissue and they would tell us to go “deeper than normal”… I learned that deep tissue wasn’t all it was cracked up to be and not only was what they taught us hard on our clients, but also hard on ourselves. After school I learned more effective ways to get into the tissue without all the stress to the body. I have a belief that it’s better to work with the body instead of against it. I also was uncomfortable in asking the client if they wanted to pay more for better work, the use of essential oils, perhaps a stone or 2, I have found that most places will charge more for even a hot towel. I have also seen some places charge what looks like a competitive rate, but when you look closer you get shorted on the length of the session compared to other competitors.

When we have people come into our office we want you to know the cost up front, we want to offer the tools and techniques we have learned without charging you extra for it. Oh we still have some great add-ons you can choose to add onto your massage during your time, like a Natural lift Cupping Facial or a Full body Hot Stone Massage. We even have some treatments you can add on before your Massage like a focused Harmonic Light Session or a Mud Wrap or Exfoliation treatment at a great discount.

One of the great things we offer that is exclusive to Color Country Massage is our Harmonic Light Therapy. Many of our clients love to schedule a focused Light Session before their Massage at a great discount, and in addition to that we continue with providing spot treatments of Light Therapy to improve and enhance every Massage you receive at Color Country Massage.  As we add to integrate better health care to our services be assured that while new choices may be made available there will always be communication instead of surprises.

If you are looking for expert, integrative care look no further than Color Country Massage and our team of experts

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